May 2019

Pain: Don’t Ignore It

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I grew up in an extremely athletic family. If we weren't playing or watching a game of some sort (golf, softball, tennis, football, basketball, etc.), we were practicing. We had a Nerf basketball hoop in our hallway, and balls floated throughout the house. But we created games when no balls existed, throwing everything from wadded [...]

April 2019

My Alternative Perspective

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I never had any interest in health, primarily because I was always healthy. I grew up on the quintessential American diet, although my stay-at-home mother made sure our family dinners around the table were more nutritious than most. I had to drink milk, eat my vegetables, and "try things", which was appreciated only in retrospect. [...]

Part III: The Decision

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When I landed in Ohio Thursday night, my husband was at the airport to meet me. As we drove home, I unpacked my findings and explained my concerns. The trajectory would be as follows: The biopsy is conducted. If it's not cancer, the doctors may or may not remove the lump based on its type, [...]

Part II: The Biopsy

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My 7mm, palpable, solid breast mass was confirmed on Tuesday, and I was scheduled to have an ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy on Friday. On Wednesday, I had to fly to St. Louis, MO on business, so I was too busy to reflect on my health. Typically, I am a relentless researcher, wanting to understand every [...]

Part I: The Breast Lump

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For the past few months, I've had unusual breast pain, primarily in my left breast. And, it's in a spot below the nipple that has bothered me off and on for many years. In fact, I can remember playing football in the fifth grade, and I was thrown a hard pass. The point of that [...]