DebandDrew.com started as a way for us to share recipes with our friends and family, but it has changed with the twists and turns of life.

Deb is an entrepreneur, writer, geek, and lover of antiques. She has owned a technology training and consulting business for nearly 30 years. In April 2019, she began having some health issues, and those issues became a key part of this site!

You can read the first three posts for the backstory here:

Part I:  The Breast Lump

Part II: The Biopsy

Part III: The Decision

Drew is a gardener and compost expert, sometime chef, musician, and programmer who makes a living as a technology expert.

Deb and Drew will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary in 2019, and they are the parents of twin boys who will turn 12 in 2019. The household wouldn’t be complete without the crazy cat, Samo the Siberian.